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On-Premise Products

This section of our Knowledgebase gathers documents specific to Faronics on-premise products.

  1. General

    1. Current Versions of Faronics Products
    2. How do I get support for Faronics Products?
    3. Faronics Voluntary Product Accessibility Template Reports
  2. Insight 11

    1. Insight 11 Release notes and Documentation
    2. What is Insight 11
    3. Installing Insight on virtual machines results in a blank installer screen.
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  3. Deep Freeze

    1. Deep Freeze & Proxmox Virtual Machines
    2. Changes in Hibernation Support in Deep Freeze 8.70 and higher.
    3. Deep Freeze 8.71 - activation of older client devices.
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  4. Data Igloo

    1. Outlook generates error messages after the user profile is moved using Data Igloo
    2. Redirecting user profiles to the root of a thawed volume may result in incomplete loading of profiles on workstations.
  5. Deep Freeze Mac

    1. How to enable Full Disk Access on MacOs Ventura
    2. Deep Freeze Mac 7.2 and macOS Big Sur
    3. Deep Freeze Mac and support for Fusion Drives
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  6. WINSelect

    1. Problems with WINSelect and LogMein
    2. Problems printing to redirected printers using WINSelect in a Remote Desktop Environment.
    3. Network Restrctions not respected when running WINSelect on Windows 8.1
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  7. Power Save

    1. Customers may have issues generating reports from Power Save & Faronics Core
    2. Recommended System Specifications for Faronics Core Server
    3. Changes to terms used in the Power Save 4.50 Configuration Settings compared to 4.4x
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  8. Anti Virus

    1. Managing Faronics Antivirus
    2. Faronics Antivirus and Microsoft updates from January 3, 2018 (Spectre / Meltdown)
    3. Problems with Faronics AV updating virus definitions, updating policy settings, or applying license details.
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  9. Anti-Executable

    1. Problems updating Exchange Server with Anti-Executable installed.
    2. Problems using the keyboard and mouse after upgrading to the Anniversary Edition of Windows 10 with Anti-Executable or WINSelect installed
    3. Installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Update on machines running Anti-Executable
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  10. Faronics Core

    1. Core Server will not start after installing Windows Updates
    2. How can I backup my certificates in Faronics Core
    3. How do I use the 'Create LDAP Connection' option within the Faronics Core Console?
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  11. Insight 9.0

    1. Insight Communications Overview
    2. Displaying student login or name in Chrome OS Devices running Insight
    3. Insight showing incorrect student name or "All your Brand Accounts >>" for devices running Chrome OS
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