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Insight showing incorrect student name or "All your Brand Accounts >>" for devices running Chrome OS

This document is specific to Insight 9.0 and is maintained here for legacy purposes. Documentation for Insight 11 can be found here;

In some instances customers may experience a system displaying an incorrect student name or "All your Brand Accounts >>" in the class list management portion of the Insight Teacher Console. To address this administrators can add a line to the configuration file for the Insight Chrome OS plugin. The value to add is below;

"refresh_student_name": { "Value": "1234" }

In the context of the entire JSON file, it would look something like this:

{ "enabled": \{ "Value": true },
"default_channel": { "Value": 1 },
"allow_preferences": { "Value": true },
"allow_change_channel": { "Value": true },
"stealth_mode": { "Value": false },
"connection_server_host": { "Value": "" },
"connection_server_port": { "Value": 8080 },
"connection_server_ssl_port": { "Value": 0 },
"full_screen_thumbnail": { "Value": false },
"context_data": { "Value": " Context Data" },
"organization": { "Value": "Test" },
"student_privacy": { "Value": false },
"refresh_student_name": { "Value": "1234" }

The value can be any string. If the value we have provided is already present in the file, change the value to something else, i.e. "1234" to "1001". This value is simply a flag to tell the app whether or not a re-scrape has already occurred so it won't keep trying every time. A change in the value will cause the app to re-scrape again. It may take one or two restarts of the app before the name will propagate. (A restart of the app occurs on logout or reboot of the device.)

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