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Changes in Hibernation Support in Deep Freeze 8.70 and higher.

Deep Freeze 8.70 introduced support for Hibernation and Fast Startup for devices running Deep Freeze. These releases will change the default behavior of systems running Deep Freeze.

Due to these changes customers may see situations where systems do not appear to restore changes when expected due to the systems not actually rebooting or shutting down when users would normally have expected them to do so. 

Newer systems that have Fast Startup enabled will not actually power off when users select the option to shut down from the start menu or when the power button is pushed on the client device. In those two situations devices will instead enter into a state similar to hibernation and changes will not be reverted.

Selecting the option to reboot the computer, will always perform a full reboot resulting in the changes to the system being reverted.

Customers who need to ensure that all reboots or shutdowns will always clear changes should disable Fast Startup from the device. Fast startup can be disabled by running the following command from an administrative command prompt;

powercfg /h OFF

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