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Problems where unknown machines report in the Deep Freeze Cloud / Faronics Deploy Console


Customers may at times see random machines appear in the Deep Freeze Cloud or Faronics Deploy console that are not part of their inventory of systems.

Some 3rd party security suites will make use of virtualized sandboxes to evaluate the behavior of software being installed on client systems. In some cases, these virtual sandboxes are allowed to connect to the public internet and may report to our Cloud Services. This can make it look like random machines are being added to a customer's site.

These virtual machines can be identified by looking at the date the device was added to the console and the last reported date in the console;

Generally, the sandboxed devices will only report once or twice to the Cloud, and the Date added and Last Reported dates will not change after the initial report. Further, the MAC addresses if looked up will generally show a hardware manufacturer related to Azure, AWS, or Microsoft listed.


Machines that report to the console and match the conditions listed above can be removed from the console without issue to free up the license for use by other machines. If the device reports in and re-appears continually over time it may require that some exceptions be put in place to prevent 3rd party security software from executing the installers for the Deep Freeze Cloud in a sandbox environment.

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