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Configuration of Deep Freeze for use in a VMWare Horizon View VDI Pool

Customers running Deep Freeze in conjunction with the VMWare Horizon View client may see client machines stop responding to the Horizon View Console when the systems have Deep Freeze installed in the base image that the virtual machines are generated from.

In some configurations, the Virtual Machine used as the base for the Horizon View VDI pool may require some additional steps to be configured properly to run Deep Freeze. Following the process listed below should assist customers in being able to freeze the virtual machine being used as the base for the VDI pool;

Prepare your master image, including any steps required to join the machine to your domain or otherwise prepare the machine for use.

  1. Install Deep Freeze, the computer will reboot frozen at this time.
  2. Thaw the computer and let it boot into the thawed state.
  3. Login to the boot control window for Deep Freeze and set the computer to boot thawed for the next two reboots.
  4. Click on the option to set the clone flag for the device.
  5. Shut down the computer.
  6. Snapshot the virtual machine.
  7. Modify your VDI pool to use the snapshot taken in step 7 as the base for your images.
  8. Allow the pool to start and prepare the sessions for use.
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