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How do I change the IP address of the Enterprise Console

Update from the Enterprise Console

  1. Prior to moving or decommissioning the original Deep Freeze Enterprise Console open your existing workstation installation file or configuration file (to maintain your configuration settings)and update the Miscellaneous tab with the new IP address. 
  2. Use the 'Save As' button to save the Deep Freeze Configuration File amending the file name with a unique indicator. ( I would recommend keeping the default name but amending it to identify it such as: 'DepFrz_unique_id_String.rdx'  for example 'DepFrz_New_Ip.rdx' or DepFrz_10-0-10-15.rdx') 
  3. Once you have the new  .rdx file use the existing console to update the configuration & then restart the workstations.  Once the workstations restart then they will report to the new console. 
If your original Enterprise Console is unavailable you can temporarily set up the new console on the old IP address or manually update each workstation. 
Additional Information
  • You must use the same 'Customization Code' in order to be able to view the workstations in the new Deep Freeze Enterprise Console. The Customization Code is a key that is embedded into each Deep Freeze Enterprise component to ensure that an intruder is unable to gain control of Deep Freeze Enterprise.  There is no way to recover this Customization Code and as such we highly recommend that you thoroughly document this Customization Code to ensure that any upgrade goes smoothly. 
  • You do not have to thaw the machine to push this change. (Workstations can be Thawed or Frozen when updating configuration). 
  • You must reboot the machine locally or by using the old Console as changes will not take effect until the workstation is Rebooted.
  • The .rdx file must be created by the same version as in use by the Deep Freeze Console, Administrator and Workstation.
  • Wake all computers from the console before doing the move to enable them to report successfully to the new console.

Manual Update Process

  1. Log into the workstation running Deep Freeze.
  2. Display the Deep Freeze Boot Control Dialog Box by using either "Shift + Double click on the Deep Freeze Icon"  or using "CRTL +SHIFT+ ALT + F6"
  3. Once you have the Deep Freeze Boot Control Dialog Box open, select the network tab and enter the new IP address.
  4. Click OK
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