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What is the Customization Code and why is it important?

The Customization Code is a unique key provided by the customer. It makes every installation of the software unique and prevents a rogue user from taking control of the workstations running Deep Freeze using their own copy of administrative tools. A workstation will only communicate with a Console and can therefore only be controlled by a Console if the workstation and the Console have matching Customization Codes. The One Time Password Generation System will only generate a valid One Time Password (OTP) if the workstation and the source of the OTP Generator (Configuration Administrator or Enterprise Console) have matching Customization Codes.

The Customization Code needs to be provided only to users trusted to manage all aspects of the workstations. With a valid Customization Code, users can remove Deep Freeze from any protected workstation, whether or not they possess a valid password. Conversely, a lost Customization Code can result in serious issues when attempting to upgrade an existing installation of Deep Freeze and can result in a large amount of work to recover from.

Faronics cannot recover a Customization Code that has been lost or misplaced.

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