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How Do I Change my Windows Maintenance Period in Deep Freeze Enterprise

To Change your Windows Maintenance Period you need to first open the Deep Freeze Administrator.

In the Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator (DFAdmin.exe) click OPEN & locate your workstation installation file (DFwks.exe) or your configuration file (DepFrz.rdx).

Audit the passwords & other settings to ensure they are correct or configure the settings as you wish them to be. Your Windows maintenance is listed on the Embedded Events tab - Simply click on the event and ensure the time is changed to the new time required.

Once you have all the settings the way you want click on 'Save As' & create the .rdx file making note of the name and location that you save it to.

Once saved use the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console & locate the workstations you want to change (you can select all and change all at once or do one at a time). You do not have to thaw the workstations. Right click on the selected workstations & click on 'Update Configuration' - You will be requested to choose the '.rdx' file you created above - navigate to that file & click ok.

Workstations will get a little hour glass symbol as they update & then the Date and Time of the Configuration will reflect the Date & Time that you created the .rdx file. Provided that matches the time when you created the .rdx then every thing is complete.

When using update configuration & an .rdx file you should remember these things:
Passwords will update immediately.
You can not modify anything on the 'Drives' tab - to make changes here you must uninstall & re install Deep Freeze using a Workstation Installation file with your changes.

Embedded Events, Maintenance and Advanced options will require a reboot to commit the changes. Typically a reboot overnight will be good enough unless you are trying to make immediate changes such as kicking off maintenance later the same day. In this case reboot at the next available opportunity will commit those changes.
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