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Deep Freeze 8.53 & Deep Freeze Mac 6.21 released.

Faronics is pleased to announce the release of two updated versions of Deep Freeze.

Deep Freeze 8.53 has been released to the public, this build has a number of bugfixes and other features included within including;
  • 11231 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze could not be installed on devices with an eMMC based hard drive.
  • 21021 Resolved an issue where workstations were not exiting Deep Freeze Workstation Task.
  • 21227 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Service crashes if there are too many port connections21566 Resolved an issue where, switching between multiple ports in Enterprise Console while workstations are reporting in, the workstations continuing to report to the wrong port after changing the active port.
  • 21847 Resolved an issue where configuring custom security settings resulted in the workstation losing activation.
  • 22067 Resolved an issue where installers for Deep Freeze Seed show wrong icon.
  • 22177 Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze Seed stops reporting after applying the update command from Deep Freeze Console.
  • 22219 Resolved an issue where Remind me later option in the Deep Freeze Console upgrade notification does nothing.
  • 22278 Resolved an issue where the Japanese translations for install/uninstall commands were incorrect.
  • 22336 Resolved an issue where clicking the Remind Me Later button when prompted to install a downloaded Deep Freeze update had no effect.
  • 22474 Resolved an issue where an incorrect warning message was shown when trying to install lower version of Deep Freeze Console.
  • 22608 Resolved an issue where using a Combination Task from the scheduler creates a task out of order.
  • 22644 Resolved an issue of BSOD when BitDefender Anti-Virus is installed.
  • 23016 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Administrator shows “List index out of bounds” error.
  • 23066 Resolved an issue where attempting to open a file when an .rdx or installer file was already open in the Configuration Administrator gave an error message.
  • 23083 Resolved an issue where ThawSpaces got deleted on workstations when applying task through Update Workstation Task by importing an .rdx file where Delete during configuration update is enabled.
  • 23113 Resolved an issue where using the Configuration Administrator in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (64-bit) to repeatedly save then reload a configuration file would alter the available ThawSpaces.
  • 23311 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console reported an incorrect length of time thawed for workstations using versions of Deep Freeze below 8.50 under certain circumstances.
  • 23583 Resolved an issue where Windows 10 system could not boot if secure boot was enabled.
Additionally we have released a updated version of Deep Freeze Mac (Version 6.21) that addresses some potential issues that can occur when running Deep Freeze Mac on a macOS High Sierra system and point releases for the operating system are installed.

Please Note : This version does not yet support installation on APFS formatted volumes, and will require user consent to load kernel extensions (more information here).

The updated versions can be downloaded from our Faronics Labs portal (for customers in North America) or from Faronics Customer Centre (for customers internationally).

And as always if you have any issues or concerns please reach out to our support team ( and let us know.
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