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Core 3.35 and Power Save 4.4 Released

Faronics Core 3.35 is now available in limited release. This update fixes a number of issues and implements a new reporting database designed to speed up the process of generating reports from Faronics Products.

The issues resolved include:

  • 1212 Resolved issue where after upgrading a Loadin or switching to Faronics Core Server with different Loadin version, the installed Loadin information does not appear on welcome page unless Faronics Core Console is restarted.
  • 1245 Resolved an issue where an error message is displayed when Faronics Core Agent in uninstalled and the workstation is rebooting. This occurred only if the System Restore option was enabled on Windows XP.
  • 1515 Resolved issue where uninstalling Faronics Core Agent (with storage space in use) from Faronics Core Console is successful after upgrading to higher version of Faronics Core Agent with defer reboot.
  • 1523 Resolved issue where the deadlock message appeared in Even Viewer when numerous workstations were trying to report back after all the workstations had been rebooted at the same time.
  • 1635 Resolved an issue where the workstation under Static Custom Workstation Group did not disappear from group when it was now being managed by another console.
  • 1644 Resolved issue of MMC snap-in unavailable error when Actions allowed to run on Faronics Core Server is set to none and an attempt is made to push and install Faronics Core Agent on server via console.
  • 1661 Resolved issue where the warning message (for example, Restart selected machines?) appears before Schedule window.
  • 1670 Resolved issue where Install Faronics Core Agent appears on right, and on right-click dialogue of Managed Workstation node when there are no managed workstations.
  • 1672 Resolved issue of MMC (FCC) snap-in unavailable error when trying to install Faronics Core Agent from Task History on workstation that was removed from database.
  • 1695 Resolved issue of MMC (FCC) snap-in unavailable error on trying to create Core Agent Installer with a '\' in the msi name.
  • 1696 Resolved issue where the user task count did not match the actual number of user tasks under Active tasks.
  • 1699 Resolved issue where once and at were not localized in the Scheduled Task dialog.
  • 1700 Resolved issue where, after finishing configuring Faronics Core Server the user is not prompted to create connection to the Faronics Core Server on using an existing database during a clean installation.
  • 1702 Resolved issue where, if few tasks are scheduled to execute weekly at the same time, some of the tasks are executed twice.
  • 1708 Resolved Core console error (SecureSoapCommProvider.SendFileInChunks(),SecureSoapCommProvider.InvokeRemoteMethod appears in Event Viewer). (Case No: ZFN-841-79725).
  • 1731 Resolved issue where duplicate entries for the same workstation created in Core Database and displayed on Core Console When the workstation has several enabled network cards.
  • 1732 Resolved issue where if the workstation IP address has been changed, its old IP was still be remembered by Core Server.
  • 1742 Resolved issue where uninstalling Faronics Core Agent from target workstation did not remove the static workstations in Custom groups.
  • 1751 Resolved issue where the Faronics folder remained on Workstation after Faronics Core Agent and Loadins were uninstalled.
  • 1757 Resolve issue where the Faronics Core Agent installer folder is cached under programdata\faronics\faronicscore3\server\temp of Faronics Core Console computer when upgrading Faronics Core Agent through the console.
  • 1762 Resolved issue where Faronics Core Agent did not start properly causing high CPU usage unexpected Power Save data migration occurred.
  • 1764 Resolved issue where after uninstalling Faronics Core Agent with Deep Freeze remaining on workstation, fardisk.sys is left behind.
  • 1768 On Windows Server 2008 R2: Resolved issue where an error message is displayed, if IIS is not installed before turning on WOL feature (ASP components must be added manually through Server roles and IIS must be restarted). (Case No: CXW-371-57634)
  • 1790 Resolved issue where Product Version value in database is not updated during Faronics Core or Loadin upgrade.
  • 1808 Resolved issue where if XML has timestamp as 10/10/1601 ( possible battery on machine is down and BIOS has initial time) SQL server cannot handle it and displaying an exception.
  • 1826 Resolved issue where the LDAP domain under LDAP connection was case sensitive.
  • 1914 Resolved issue where after installing Faronics Core Agent, namespace or classes disappear and Core Agent service cannot start up (error 2727 sometimes observed).


 As well Power Save 4.4 is now available from the usual download locations. This update introduces compatibility with the reporting database introduced in Core 3.35 and resolves a few issues including:

  • 733. Resolved an issue where an empty Power Save folder was created under Faronics StorageSpace and a Power Save registry entry was created while trying to install Power Save client on a Server Operating System.
  • 740. Resolved issue where the Power Save settings was not applied when the users logged off (Windows Power Options not overridden by Power Save when no user logged on). (Case No: NQE-614-25744)
  • 748. Resolved issue where incorrect status was displayed after applying configuration to expired Power Save workstation.
  • 751. Resolved issue where multiple message boxes were displayed while trying to open the Configure Power Save dialog.
  • 752. Resolved issue where Power Save remained in Restart Required mode even after system restart.
  • 754. Resolved issue where the Power Save folder was created under Faronics StorageSpace even when the installation process was cancelled and it was not possible to uninstall Faronics Core Agent.
  • 757. Resolved issue when Power Save was in deferred mode for 2 hours and on reducing local wake-up time to 1 hour from Faronics Core Console, the deferred mode resumed and Power Save went to Full Mode.
  • 758. Resolved issue where the Power Save password was removed while updating the password.
  • 765. Resolved issue were, if multiple users were logged in and Power Save was uninstalled, an empty Power Save folder remained under the Faronics StorageSpace folder.


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