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WINSelect 7.43 Released

WINSelect Standard and Enterprise v7.43 are now available from all the usual locations. This release adds support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and resolves several customer-reported issues.

  • Resolved issue where it was able to open Internet Explorer even after disabling it in the Applications tab.
  • Resolved issue where it was possible to change the size of the Mozilla Firefox window even when Maintain current size and position setting was on.
  • Resolved issue where WINSelect Client install or uninstall could not be scheduled from Faronics Core.
  • Resolved issue where the Japanese translation for Disable WINSelect was incorrect.
  • Resolved issue where the menu item is not disabled as expected in Internet Explorer as expected even when the Recently Closed Tab menu item is disabled in WINSelect.
  • Resolved issue where it was not possible to print to a network printer in Internet Explorer 8. (Case #: 153-37551)
  • Resolved issue where generating codes and applying user session overwrites WINSelect settings. (Case #: 153-38886)
  • Resolved issue where the connection with Citrix is lost when WINSelect is installed. (Case#: 76-33280)
  • Resolved issue where Quick Time streaming video could not be accessed when WINSelect was installed.
  • Windows XP Spanish only: Resolved issue where an invalid character was displayed in the Task History description message for install and uninstall action.
  • Resolved issue where the error message Exception EF open error in module FrzState2k.exe... is displayed when a system drive is disabled through
  • WINSelect and Lock Keyboard and Mouse is applied via Deep Freeze.
  • Resolved issue where the WINSelect Enterprise workstation .msi file is left under ProgramData\Faronics\Faronics Core\Data after uninstallation.
  • Resolved issue where the WINSelect configuration file was located on C:\document and settings\application data\WINselect folder after installation when the Faronics StorageSpace was full.
  • Resolved issue where the volume on the system tray does not work with a right or a left click.
  • Adobe Reader 10.x only: Resolved issue where the Adobe Reader could be closed, minimized or resized in Kiosk mode.
  • Resolved issue where there was no sound or Windows Media Player video file when WINSelect was enabled on Windows XP.
  • Resolved issue where Windows Explorer crashed when copying files from a drive after it is disabled in Drives and Extensions tab.
  • Resolved issue where command prompt will be disabled was present in the user guide which had to be removed.
  • Resolved issue where video and audio files could be run by double-clicking on them even if extensions were disabled in WINSelect extension list.
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