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Faronics Antivirus 4.13 Released

Faronics is happy to announce the release of Faronics Antivirus 4.13. This release fixes a couple of customer facing issues listed below;
  • 22203 Resolved an issue where a locally disabled Firewall gets enabled automatically after around 15 minutes of workstation reboot.
  • 22214 Resolved an issue where Active Protection disabled from policy gets enabled on workstation from Windows Security Center notification alert.
  • 22694 Resolved an issue where the user was unable to update 32-bit definitions on Core server. (Case No: YGH-153-55361)
  • 19981 Resolved an issue where the user was unable to white-list files due to THREATID missing under exceptions. (Case No: ACK-792-66923)
This update is now available for Faronics Core and can be downloaded from our customers Faronics Labs or Faronics Customer Center account.
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