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Insight 8.0 Release

Faronics is happy to announce the release of a updated version of Faronics Insight. This release includes the following updates.

Mac Updates

  • Added support for macOS 10.14 (Mojave).

  • Added support for web limiting and web history in Firefox.

  • Resolved an issue where students could begin taking a test without first entering their name.

  • Resolved an issue where, when showing the student screen to other students, there was no mouse cursor present.

Windows Updates

  • Resolved an issue where the blank screen section in student properties was not enabled when a teacher blanked a student’s screen.

  • Resolved an issue where, when performing a “Show Teacher” and “Draw on Screen,” the checkbox was selected to indicate that “Drawn on Screen” is enabled.

Chromebook Updates

  • Resolved an issue where, if a student hit Ctrl+W while the teacher used the show teacher function, the client shut down for several seconds.

  • Chromebook student now only obtains the full name from the domain. Due to changes made by Google to their account page, we are no longer able to pull the students' full names from their account pages. This means that the Chromebook no longer requests the full name from the extension. Going forward, we now only obtain the full name from the domain using permissions that the administrator grants. If those permissions are not present, the user's login name is used. When the Chromebook student obtains the full name of the student from the domain, it should no longer request the full name unless the refresh_student_name field is set in the admin settings

The update can be downloaded from Faronics Labs, or Faronics Customer Center (for customers in our international markets).
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