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Deep Freeze 8.63 Release

Faronics is happy to announce the availability of Deep Freeze 8.63. 

This release is a bugfix release that resolves several customer issues including;

  • 28484 Resolved an issue where Windows 10 workstations randomly hung when Deep Freeze was in a Frozen state. (Case No. DCK-357-11563, QFR-533-92927, VVQ-945-75978, MZX-943-50816…)
  • 31618 Resolved an issue where rebooting Deep Freeze to Frozen status from RDP resulted in Deep Freeze rebooting to Frozen & Locked status. (Case No. UFN-737-75949)
  • 31717 Resolved an issue with being unable to uninstall Deep Freeze Server Standard from a computer with nComputing vSpace installed. (Case No. OXR-655-83849, FAQ-337-37149).
  • 31754 Resolved an issue with being unable to lock the mouse/keyboard on a Lenovo Touchpad laptop. (Case No. TWX-508-88232)
  • 33350 Resolved an issue with being unable to install on-premise Deep Freeze Enterprise after uninstalling Deep Freeze Cloud Agent and vice versa. (Case No. UZN-971-68888, UCK-583-96692-1)
  • 34781 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstations could not boot Frozen when Windows Update system history had permanent entries with Staged status. (Case No. ESK-568-54530, MMR-516-77876)
  • 36010 Resolved an issue where workstations were randomly disappearing from the master console and remote consoles after updating to the latest Deep Freeze Enterprise version. (Case No. KBP-466-59587)

Customers should be aware that the issues described in issue 28484 had multiple potential causes, and that during the investigation it was found that an issue with a component of the Windows OS itself was a contributing factor. 

Our developers have worked with Microsoft and have been able to resolve the issue with fixes that we have put in place in our product along with an updated component for Windows provided by Microsoft. Microsoft has informed us that this component will be released in an upcoming update. When further details are available regarding this update we will post details here.

As there are multiple causes for this issue we have still seen significant reductions, if not complete resolution of this specific issue even without the updated component from Microsoft. As such we have decided to release this update ahead of the update for Windows to ensure that affected customers are able to see benefits from this release as soon as possible.

Customers running Deep Freeze Enterprise and Deep Freeze Standard can download the update from Faronics Labs or Faronics Customer Center as appropriate. 

Customers running our Cloud-based offerings will automatically be updated to this release during their next maintenance window if your policy is configured to update automatically. If you are not configured to update automatically the update can be applied by selecting the option to update services from the Computers Page.

As always if you have any concerns or questions, or just need help with the update process please reach out to our support team and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

Release notes for the update can be found here;

Deep Freeze Enterprise 

Deep Freeze Standard

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