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Deep Freeze 8.56 released.

Faronics is happy to announce the release of Deep Freeze Enterprise and Deep Freeze Standard 8.56.

This release includes a number of fixes including;

•Windows 10: Windows Update Cache Drive Letter
Addressed Deep Freeze Windows update caching issue on Windows 10 by assigning a drive letter to the cache folder. A Deep Freeze workstation upgrade will automatically assign drive letter B:\ to the cache folder which can be updated in the Deep Freeze configuration. The caching letter will be hidden in Windows Explorer.

• Windows 10: Feature Update Support
Now the Windows Update Task supports the installation of Feature Updates so customers can easily upgrade from build 1709 to 1809 for example. Deep Freeze will respect the Windows Update advanced options that can defer such updates.

• Recovery Improvements
Improvements in Deep Freeze maintenance recovery process when Windows updates are not marked properly, reducing the number and duration of Thawed restarts necessary to return the computer to a Frozen State.

• Exclude System Drive from Deep Freeze Protection
Customers can now optionally configure a system drive to be Thawed.

• Full Support for NVMe Drives
Deep Freeze is now compatible with NVMe drives using Advanced Format (4K) technology (often used in modern Mac computers).

• Support for iSCSI Drives
Deep Freeze is now compatible with iSCSI drives.

Customers can review the full list of fixes here;

The update can be downloaded from our Faronics Labs portal for customers in the US and Canada and from Faronics Customer Center for our international users.
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