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Changes to terms used in the Power Save 4.50 Configuration Settings compared to 4.4x

Power Save versions prior to 4.50 used a series of settings Called Power Policies, Power Plans, and Energy Consumption Profiles to configure settings on workstations. As of Power Save 4.50 these settings have been combined in an overall policy setting to simplify configuration, and this has resulted in a number of settings being renamed or moved within the product.

The table below lists some of the common terms used in Power Save versions 4.4x and previously, and the corresponding location where each of those settings are now found in Power Save 4.50. 

Power Save 4.4x Power Save 4.50
Power Policy

Power Schedule

Power Plan, Energy Cost, Power Policy

Power Save Policy

Application Monitoring

Application Control (Found in the Configuration Settings in each policy)

User Notification

User Experience (Found in the Configuration Settings in each policy)


Configuration Settings (Found in each Policy)
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