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New product releases - Faronics Core 3.7 / Power Save 4.5 / Anti-Executable 5.2

Greetings, today we have a number of product releases to let you know about. These new releases all add support for Windows 8, and Server 2012 (For Faronics Core / Anti-Executable), and add Brazilian Portuguese as a supported translation. In addition;

Faronics Core 3.7 Adds the following features:

  • Alerts are shown in Core Console and can also be sent via email
  • Additional workstation information
    - Operating system
    - Workstation type (server/desktop/laptop)
    - Currently logged in user
    - Workstation’s last login date
  • New workstation window that displays history of tasks that ran and are being run on the workstation
  • Notes
    Custom notes can be created for a workstation for both searching purposes and displaying pertinent information
  • Administrators can now change Faronics Core Agent passwords on many workstations at the same time
  • Remote Launch Improvements
    - Deliver Visual Basic and PowerShell scripts to workstations
    - Run scripting files (VBS, PS1 and BAT) on Frozen workstations

In addition a number of issues are resolved with the product and changes have been made to improve performance and in all customer environments.

Faronics Anti-Executable 5.2 resolves seven bugs and adds the following new features:

  • Ability to open the log file directly from the UI

Faronics Power Save 4.5 resolved six bugs and add the following new features:

  • New policy-based user interface
    Power Plans are now called Power schedules, Policies are now Power Events and Power Plans, Policies, Configurations and Costs are now combined into a central Policy interface. This provides a more intuitive workflow and better serves large installations. This approach is more set-it-and-forget-it.
  • Dynamic Configuration simplifies the configuration of a power event. Sensitivity settings are easily adjusted with a graphical interface.
  • Last Man Standing
    Computers designated a Wake on LAN relays will now stay awake in order to wake other computers across subnets.
  • Disable power management when the computer shifts to a wireless network
  • Eco-facts now display actual local computer energy savings to date. (Screenshot attached below)
  • Users can now put a computer to sleep via a single button and also request a change to a power policy. This can also be disabled by administrators.
  • Power Save can now send alerts to the Faronics Core Console (1 month license expiration, license expired, outdated clients, user requests sensitivity change.)
  • Support for blended rates
    Varied power consumption rates charged at different times of the day can now be factored into the Power Savings.  Off-peak, Mid-peak and peak hours can now be represented by different electrical prices.


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