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Faronics Core 3.32 Released

Faronics is happy to announce the release of Faronics Core 3.32. The updated version is avalable from our website as a standalone download and as part of the various product downloads.

This is primarily a maintenance and stability release, but does also add several important new features and capabilities. The changes include:

  • Increased Automation: Installation of Faronics Core Agent can be scheduled.
  • Improved Manageability: Easily change the Faronics Core Server that workstations communicate with (for disaster recovery and load balancing purposes).
  • Improved Error Handling
  • Improved information on scheduled tasks for increased usability.
  • Easy Import/Export of Security Certificates.
  • Improved menu structures
  • Improved network performance of file transfers
  • Various Cosmetic Improvements.
  • A workstation reboot is required for the Faronics Core Agent upgrade to complete. The reboot can be suppressed and the installation can continue after the workstation is manually rebooted (to avoid end-user disruption).

A number of issues have also been resolved, these are documented in the release notes and can be downloaded from Faronics Labs.

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