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What ports are required for Faronics Core to operate properly?

The following ports are used by Faronics Core:

  • 7751 (TCP/UDP) — This port is on the workstation and is used to receive commands from the Faronics Core Server. The Ping command is enabled on this port.
  • 7752 (TCP/UDP) — This port is on the Faronics Core Server and is used to receive events from the workstation(s).
  • 7753 (TCP/UDP) — This port is on the Faronics Core Server and is used to communicate with the Faronics Core Console.

By default, Faronics Core opens ports 7751, 7752 and 7753 on the Windows Firewall on the Local Machine, if your network consists of more than one subnet these ports will need to be open across the entire VLAN to manage workstations.

Additionally to push the workstation installation package to an unmanaged workstation the firewall must be configured to accept WMI over DCOM connections remotely. This requires port 135 to be open as well as the dynamic port range used by DCOM to be opened. Instructions for this can be found on the Microsoft KB here:

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