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Multiple new product releases, including Faronics Core, Deep Freeze, and Power Save Mac.

Dear All,

We are happy to announce the release of some updated versions of our products:

Deep Freeze 7.3 has been released. This version resolves a number of customer reported issues including improvements in the interaction between Faronics Core and Deep Freeze and the resolution of a BSOD on some workstations running Dell branded RAID controllers. Full release notes are avalaiable here:


A updated verison of Faronics Core has been released as well. This update, version 3.43, incorporates a number of improvements in our task handling process, a number of bugfixes, and a new feature that provides a real time indication of if a given workstation is online or offline. This update is reccomended for any customer using Faronics Core who is having any isseus with tasks not processing correctly, or who is having problems managing workstations due to tasks blocking each other. Full release notes can be found here:


And finally we have released a updated version of Power Save for OSX. This update resoves a number of issues in communicating between the Core Server and the OSX Clients and is recomended for all customers running Power Save on thier OSX workstations. Release notes are viewable at the URL below:

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