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Faronics Antivirus 2.0 Released

Faronics is happy to announce the release of the 2.0 release of our Antivirus Product.

This update includes some new functionality, including:

  • Firewall: The Firewall provides the capability to create Program Rules, Network Rules, Advanced Rules and Trusted Zones. Administrators can Allow or Block communication based on Programs, Networks, Ports or Protocols on the entire network.
  • Firewall Report: The Firewall Daily Network Activity report provides details on all Firewall activity on the particular workstation or network.
  • Enhanced UI: Faronics Anti-Virus Loadin on Faronics Core is now presented in a tree-node instead of a tab-based UI for better user interaction.
  • Three bugs have been resolved.

As usual the updated versions of the software are all available in our Faronics Labs portal.



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