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What potential issues do we need to be aware of when installing Faronics Core.

In most cases Faronics Core can be installed with little effort by systems administrators, however, there are some concerns that may need to be addressed in customer environments.


If a firewall exists between the workstations and the Core Server steps may need to be taken to ensure that the workstations can be communicated with through the firewall. Faronics Core makes use of the following ports to communicate between the client and server;

  • 7751 — This port is on the workstation and is used to receive commands from the Faronics Core Server. 
  • 7752 — This port is on the Faronics Core Server and is used to receive events from the workstation(s).
  • 7753 — This port is on the Faronics Core Server and is used to communicate with the Faronics Core Console.

Additionally to push the workstation installation file to discovered workstations any firewall must be configured to allow remote management of the client workstations via WMI and DCOM. Instructions that include steps for the configuration of the Windows Firewall can be found here:

The Faronics Core Agent installer will automatically attempt to open the appropriate ports on the client workstation when it is installed, 3rd party Firewall solutions may require further configuration.

Antivirus Software

It is recommended that antivirus solutions be disabled prior to installing the Core Agent.


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