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Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client will not connect with Deep Freeze installed.

There is an issue where the Host Scan portion of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client will incorrectly detect a copy of Faronics Antivirus installed on a client workstation if Deep Freeze is installed. This occurs due to some software components that are shared between Faronics Antivirus and Deep Freeze. This can result in the AnyConnect VPN Client detecting that Faronics Antivirus is installed, and being unable to validate the status of the virus definition files. Depending on the configuration of the VPN that you are connecting to this may result in the VPN Connection being refused.


To work around this issue you may be able to configure the VPN Client so that Faronics Antivirus is not listed as an accepted antivirus package for purposes of the Host Scan functionality. Customers should contact Cisco support for assistance in configuring the VPN Client or server.

Cisco Support -

Alternatively customers may wish to investigate running Faronics Antivirus as it provides a seamless method for antivirus updates to be applied to a computer running Deep Freeze.

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