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Deep Freeze Cloud will no longer support Windows XP from April 1st, 2020

Microsoft officially ended Windows XP support in 2014, and, it is now time for Faronics to officially drop support for Windows XP.

Our official cut off date will be April 1st, 2020. On this date the following will occur;

  • Systems running Windows XP that have the Deep Freeze Cloud Agent installed will stop communicating with Deep Freeze Cloud.
  • Systems running Windows XP will no longer be able to install the Deep Freeze Cloud Agent or any of the associated services.

While systems running the software may continue to function for a short period of time the inability to communicate with the Deep Freeze Cloud platform will result in the products deactivating shortly after April 1, 2020.

Faronics recommends that customers take appropriate steps to migrate systems still running Windows XP to a supported operating system. We do understand that this decision may create issues for some users who still have Windows XP deployed. If you are impacted by this issue and have concerns please feel free to reach out to the Faronics Support team via email to and let us know.

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