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Issues running Adobe After Affects on macOS Catalina with Deep Freeze

Faronics has been made aware of reports of difficulties in running Adobe After Effects on systems running macOS Catalina and Deep Freeze 7.2. This issue presents itself as a failure of the Adobe product to launch with an error message indicating “After Effects can’t continue: unexpected failure during application startup”.

Deep Freeze, as part of steps that we take to secure the system, creates volumes on the local system that are mounted in a folder that is not globally searchable. When After Effects encounters any volume configured in this manner, regardless of how that volume was created, the product fails to launch. This issue is not specific to Deep Freeze and will impact any system where volumes that are not mounted in a globally searchable path exist.


This issue has been reported to Adobe, and we are working with them to try to address this issue. At this time customers who are unable to wait for an official fix can downgrade to macOS Mojave to avoid this issue.


Faronics is monitoring the issue and customers who are affected by this can open a support ticket by emailing us at and we will provide updates as the issue progresses.

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