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After installing Deep Freeze on a OSX system protected by FileVault my computer will no longer boot.

Problem: After installing Deep Freeze Mac on a OSX system protected by FileVault the computer will no longer boot. The same behaviour can occur if FileVault is enabled after installing Deep Freeze.

This occurs due to changes in how File Vault works in OSX 10.7 (Lion). Prior to 10.7 FileVault did not encrypt the entire hard disk in the computer, in the version of FileVault that ships with 10.7 the feature now uses a form of Full Disk Encryption to protect data on the hard disk.

At the current time Deep Freeze Mac cannot be installed on an OSX workstation running any full disk encryption package.

Steps to Resolve

Assuming that the boot volume is called "My Volume"

  1. Boot in recovery mode by restarting and holding down the Option key and select to boot from the Recovery partition.
  2. Select Utilities --> Terminal to launch
  3. Type "diskutil list" to obtain a list of mounted volumes, note the IDENTIFIER for MyVolume (assumption: MyVolume being the boot volume where Mac OS X Lion with FileVault resides)
  4. If MyVolume is not available, go to step 5, otherwise go to step 9
  5. Quit Terminal and select Disk Utility and click Continue to launch Disk
  6. Find MyVolume from the left pane, select it and click Mount
  7. Enter your password and ensure that MyVolume is mounted.
  8. Quit Disk Utility and select Utilites menu --> Terminal
  9. Type "sudo touch /Volumes/MyVolume/System/Library/Extensions" to rebuild the System Extension's cache.
  10. Wait 30 seconds or and restart the computer.
  11. When the computer restarts normally remove Deep Freeze.
  12. Restart the computer.
  13. Launch Terminal and type "sudo diskutil cs revert /".
  14. Wait for the decryption to finish.
  15. Restart the computer.
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