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Problems installing Deep Freeze Mac on Core Storage Volumes

With the introduction of OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) Apple is enabling CoreStorage on a number of laptops that had previously not shipped with this functionality enabled. As long as the Laptop does not have a Fusion Drive installed, it should be possible to remove the CoreStorage volume and install Deep Freeze Mac for OS X 10.10. You will need to use Terminal to remove the CoreStorage volume.

If Deep Freeze Mac was already installed when you upgraded your Mac to OS X 10.10, you will need to reboot the Mac to the Recovery Partition to perform this procedure and open Terminal 

  1. Restart the Mac and hold down the CMD­+R keyboard combination.
  2. One the system has booted, Click on the Utilities menu at the top of the screen and click on Terminal.

If Deep Freeze Mac was not installed when you upgraded to OS X 10.10, go to the Applications folder, open the Utilities folder and double click on Terminal Within Terminal, open Terminal and type the folowing command.

"diskutil cs list" (without the quotes).

The output will tell you if a CoreStorage volume is present or not. A sample of the output is attached below.


+-- Logical Volume Group xxxxxxxs-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Name:         Macintosh HD
    Status:       Online
    Size:         99482075136 B (99.5 GB)
    Free Space:   19005440 B (19.0 MB)
    +-< Physical Volume xxxxxxxs-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
    |   ----------------------------------------------------
    |   Index:    0
    |   Disk:     disk0s2
    |   Status:   Online
    |   Size:     99482075136 B (99.5 GB)
    +-> Logical Volume Family xxxxxxxs-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
        Encryption Status:       Unlocked
        Encryption Type:         None
        Conversion Status:       NoConversion
        Conversion Direction:    -none-
        Has Encrypted Extents:   No
        Fully Secure:            No
        Passphrase Required:     No
        +-> Logical Volume xxxxxxxs-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
            Disk:                  disk1
            Status:                Online
            Size (Total):          99110748160 B (99.1 GB)
            Conversion Progress:   -none-
            Revertible:            Yes (no decryption required)
            LV Name:               Macintosh HD
            Volume Name:           Macintosh HD
            Content Hint:          Apple_HFS

If you see in the Logical Volume the line Revertable: Yes, (indicated in bold above) the CoreStorage volume can be removed and Deep Freeze Mac installed.  If you see Revertable: No, you probably have a Fustion Drive installed and Deep Freeze Mac cannot be installed on that system.

In order to remove the CoreStorage Volume, you will need to determine whick disk the CoreStorage Volume was installed on.  The disk the CoreStorage Volume has been installed is listed in the last Logical Volume shown in the "diskutil cs list" output.  In the above example it is disk1 (indicated in bold and underline above).  The disk name may be different depending on how the system was started 

To remove the CoreStorage volume, open Terminal if it is not already open and issue the following command without quotes.

"diskutil cs revert /"

Once the command has finished executing, you need to restart the system.

You should now be able to install Deep Freeze Mac on the system.


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