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Deep Freeze Mac 7.30 Released.

Faronics is pleased to announce the availability of Deep Freeze Mac 7.30.

This release includes support for the recent release of Big Sur, and for the new Apple Silicon hardware.

This update can be downloaded from Faronics Labs for customers in North America, or Faronics Customer Center for our international customers.

For the APFS version of Deep Freeze:
Deep Freeze must be disabled prior to performing updates of macOS to ensure the integrity of the computer.
For macOS versions prior to Big Sur:
Deep Freeze is able to programmatically disable automatic software updates or prevent Standard users from performing software updates.
Starting with macOS Big Sur:
Apple no longer allows vendors to install the necessary configuration profiles to disable automatic software updates or prevent Standard users from performing software updates.

There are two configuration profiles included in the Deep Freeze Mac disk image. These profiles can be installed using the following methods:

  • Manually
  • Apple Remote Desktop
  • Mobile Device Management
Here is what the Deep Freeze Mac disk image looks like:
When you click on the Configuration Profiles folder, you see the two required profiles:
We also display a reminder at the end of the installation:
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