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Deep Freeze Mac and High Sierra Support for APFS Volumes

Deep Freeze Mac and High Sierra Support
APFS Support:

With the release of Deep Freeze Mac 7.0 APFS is now a supported file system for use with our product.
User Approved Kernel Extension Loading:
With the release of macOS High Sierra 10.13 third-party kernel extensions installed with or after the installation of macOS High Sierra require user consent in order to load. This is known as User Approved Kernel Extension Loading. This will impact Faronics Deep Freeze since Deep Freeze requires that its kernel extension is loaded in order to function properly.
The kernel extension from Faronics Corporation will need to be approved locally on each computer at the time that Deep Freeze is installed. The kernel extension approval only needs to happen once, after that subsequent restarts or even reinstalls of Deep Freeze will not require further approvals.
Disable Locally
User Approved Kernel Extension Loading can be disabled for enterprise deployments where it is necessary to distribute software that includes kernel extensions, like Faronics Deep Freeze, without requiring user approval. 
To disable User Approved Kernel Extension Loading, boot into macOS Recovery and use the 'spctl kext-consent disable' command to completely disable the feature or use 'spctl kext-consent add HSHQ55YT7B' to just disable it for all Faronics signed kernel extensions.
More information on User Approved Kernel Extension Loading can be found at the link below;
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