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ESEA Anti-Cheat unable to launch when used with Deep Freeze


Customers running the ESEA Anti-Cheat client may receive a message indicating that the product was unable to start on systems running Deep Freeze.

This issue can occur when Deep Freeze is installed on the system due to Deep Freeze blocking access to some portions of the operating system while it is installed.


The specific policies within Deep Freeze that prevent the ESEA Client from obtaining debugging rights can be disabled by turning off the Deep Freeze Local policies on the client systems.

For customers running Deep Freeze Cloud this setting is in the policy settings for Deep Freeze as shown below;

For customers running Deep Freeze Enterprise this setting can be altered in the Configuration Administrator here;

Once unchecked an updated configuration file will need to be saved and updated on the client systems.

If assistance is required in implementing these changes please contact Faronics Support for assistance. 

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