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How do I verify that the custom script feature of Faronics Deploy is working?

To verify that the Custom Script feature of Faronics Deploy is working customers can create a custom script using a test script that Faronics has posted here;

This script will create a log file in the root of the current system volume that contains a timestamp from the indicating when the script was run on the system, based on the systems local time.

To configure this script the user will need to click on the Custom Script button in the Deploy Console;

On the dialog that is shown enter in a name for the script, the URL, and the type of script;

Once this information is in place click on “Save to Grid” to save the script to the list of custom scripts on the control gird.

To run the script click on the header for the custom scripts column in the Deploy console;

This will display a list of the configured scripts. To run the script click on the appropriate cell for the machine and script that you are using to test with and click Run.

Once run the local machine should see a file called test_script_log.txt in the root of the system volume;

This will contain log entries indicating when the script was run;

If the script does not run it may indicate some issue with the download of the file, or problems with some other security application on the system. In the event of issues please try to disable any antivirus or security software that may be interfering with the execution of scripts, ensure that the URL provided at the beginning of this document is accessible in your enviroment and try again.

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