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How do I capture an image of a computer using the OS Deployment feature of Faronics Deploy

The capture of an image using the OS Deployment feature of Faronics Deploy requires a few prerequisites to be configured.

  1. A Faronics Deploy Imaging Server needs to be installed and operational on the same network as the workstation that the image is being captured from.
  2. A system needs to be configured with the Deploy Agent and the settings and software that you want to include in the image. 
  3. The Faronics Deploy Imaging Server must have enough disk space to hold the image file that you are looking to capture.

Once the system is online and reporting to the Deploy Console you can start the image capture process by clicking on the machine and opening the Action Toolbar. 

Once the Capture Image button is clicked a dialog is shown allowing you to configure the image capture process;

As the client machine must undergo a system preparation process as part of capturing the image you will need to select a set of installation settings to allow the machine to return to an operational state when the process is complete. Select the desired settings from the list of Installation Settings on the right and verify that the details of the settings are correct.

Once the install settings are reviewed to ensure they match the desired settings the image capture can be confirmed and then started by checking the “Are you sure you want to continue” checkbox and clicking on Capture Image.

Once started the capture process starts you will be returned to the Control Grid where the status of the imaging process will be displayed;

When complete the image will be displayed in the list of images on that imaging server and can then be associated with a deployment package to be used on other systems.

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