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How do I deploy a Custom App using Faronics Deploy?

Faronics Deploy has the capability to push custom applications to managed workstations. 

To push the application to the client machine it must first be placed in a location accessible to the workstation using an HTTP/HTTPS connection.  This location can be either an internal server or an external site like an Amazon S3 object or Azure Blob Storage object - as long as the link is accessible to the systems in question.

Once the application is located in an accessible location clicking on the Custom App button on the application grid opens the Setup Custom App dialog;

On this dialog the following properties can be specified;

  • Package Name: Specify a name for your package to easily identify it.
  • Enter URL: A valid UNC (Network path) or HTTP/HTTPS URL that is accessible from the workstation(s).
  • Architecture: Select if the installer is for a 32bit, 64bit or a common installer for both platforms.
  • Install Commands: Specify the silent installation or other command-line switches supported by the installer. 
  • Uninstall Commands: Specify the silent uninstallation command line switch supported by the installer.
  • Restart: Specify if the installation requires a restart or not.
  • Install Timeout: Specify if you would like the installation process to fail if it has not been able to install after “X” amount of time.

Once the Custom App details have been specified, click Next to Select a Computer to install the custom app package. And once the installation on one computer has been successful, you can then save the Custom App to the Applications Grid and install it on other computers as desired.

Please note that installation through Faronics Deploy requires that the application support installing in an unattended way if your application requires user input to complete the installation it will not be deployable through the Custom App function without some type of wrapper to simulate that user input. 

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