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Differences between Software Updater on macOS and Windows Systems.

The Software Updater Mac policy under Faronics Cloud Console allows you to Install, Update and Uninstall a set of prepackaged apps from managed Mac computers.

The Software Updater Mac product behavior is a bit different from the behavior of the Software Updater Windows product. 

The version of Software Updater for macOS does not support running applications updates during a scheduled maintenance period automatically but does allow for the installation of applications through the Applications page in the Deep Freeze Cloud. Under the policy settings for Software Updater on macOS. Therefore, unlike Windows, the Mac policy does display a list of supported applications in the policy settings.

To get started simply enable the Software Updater service in your Mac policy.

Once the service is enabled, navigate to the Applications page to install or upgrade applications.

  • Green: All applications are updated.
  • Orange: One or more applications is outdated.
  • Black: Computer is Frozen.
  • Grey: Computer is Offline.
  • Blue: Task in Progress.

For more information on installing, upgrading and uninstalling applications, visit -

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