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Oracle Java SE Run-times and Software Updater

Recently Oracle announced a  change to how they are licensing the Oracle Java SE run-time for commercial use. In short, it’s now a paid product and a license is required to be able to continue to access updated versions if the software is used for a commercial purpose. More details on this can be found linked on the Oracle homepage here;

Owing to this the Java SE run-times will shortly stop getting updates through the Software Updater Service in Deep Freeze Cloud. As an alternative the Adopt OpenJDK run-times are being added to the list of products that we support updating through Software Updater. The Adopt OpenJDK run-times provide a free alternative to the Oracle run-times for customers who do not wish to pay the cost of licensing the platform from Oracle.

Information on the Adopt OpenJDK run-times can be found here;

Customers will see options for both the version 11.x and 12.x versions of the OpenJDK run-times in 64 and 32 bit flavors.

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