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How to enable Full Disk Access on MacOs Ventura

Starting from macOS Ventura, Full Disk Access should be enabled for Deep Freeze Cloud Software Updater or Deploy Applications Services to be able to install, update or uninstall applications.

Complete the following steps to enable Full Disk Access:

  1. Open System Settings, click Privacy & Security, then click Full Disk Access.
  2. On FINDER, navigate to [Macintosh HD]/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools.
    Note that Macintosh HD is the default name of the startup volume on the computer after unpacking from the box. Replace Macintosh HD with the volume name on the computer.
  3. Drag and drop com.faronics.softwareupdaterd (for Cloud) into the Full Disk Access pane.
  4. Enter the administrator password to authenticate.

Once authenticated, you should see com.faronics added to the list of applications with Full Disk Access.

After Software Updater Service has been enabled, supported applications can be installed, updated or uninstalled from the Applications page.

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