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Migrating Images between servers in the Faronics Deep Freeze Cloud Imaging Solution


This document will detail the process of moving images from one system running the Faronics Imaging Server to another system for purposes of migration from one server to another.

Note that this process is a migration of the imaging server and functionality - due to the way that this process is handled the unique identifiers for the images will be duplicated and as such only one imaging server with the images can be kept online once this process is complete.


  • This document assumes that the following have been made available for the process of migrating the images to the new server;
  • A new server running the same operating system as the original server. In the case of migrations due to an operating system upgrade the same class of operating system (server or desktop) will need to be used.
  • A copy of the FaronicsImagingServer install package from the appropriate cloud instance.
  • Adequate space to move the files from the existing server to the new server.

Step 1 - Copy the images from the existing server.

Stop the DFCImagingService by running the following command;

NET STOP DFCImagingService


Copy the following folders to a temporary storage location;

C:\DFC Images


This copying process may take some time depending on the number of and size of the images being copied.

Step 2 - Install the Faronics Imaging Server on the new server.

Download and run the Imaging Server Installation package on the new server selecting the same paths, options, and defaults that you did during the installation of the initial server. If you have previously installed with the WDS Option ensure that this option is enabled during the installation process.

Once the installation process is complete you will be displayed on the screen to begin the process of importing images into the server. Close this dialog. 

Step 3 - Import the Image Files into the New Server

Stop the DFCImagingService by running the following command on the new server;

NET STOP DFCImagingService


Copy the following folders from the temporary storage location into the appropriate locations in the new imaging server; 

C:\DFC Images


Once the file copy is completed run the following commands to start the Faronics Imaging Server;

NET START DFCImagingService


Once this process is complete the new imaging server will be displayed in the Imaging Console with the images listed. It is important that after this process is complete that the original imaging server not be allowed to come back on line as this will potentially create issues as the Cloud Console will see duplicated copies of the images between the two servers.

Step 4 - Update the deployment packages to reference the new Imaging Server

As deployment packages are specific to a given server any deployment packages that reference the original server will need to be edited to reflect the new imaging server and the appropriate image to be deployed.

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