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How do I deploy an operating system using the OS Deployment feature of Faronics Deploy?

Deployment of an image using the OS Deployment feature of Faronics Deploy requires a few prerequisites to be configured.

  1. A Faronics Deploy Imaging Server needs to be installed and operational on the same network as the workstation being re-imaged.
  2. An image that can be deployed to the client machine must exist on the imaging server.
  3. A Deployment package with a valid set of Installation Settings must exist in the Deploy Server.

Once the appropriate prerequisites are in place the image can be deployed by selecting the machine on the OS Deployment section of the Control Grid and clicking on the Image Computer button on the Action Toolbar.

Once clicked you will select the appropriate Deployment Package and confirm that the machine is to be imaged. 

The dialog will then close, returning you to the Control Grid where the status of the imaging process will be displayed.

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