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What are custom scripts and how are they deployed with Faronics Deploy?

Faronics Deploy has the capability to push custom scripts to managed workstations. Currently, Faronics Deploy supports PowerShell, VBScript, and Batch Files as native formats.

To push the script to the client machine it must first be placed in a location accessible to the workstation using an HTTP/HTTPS connection.  This location can be either an internal server or an external site like an Amazon S3 object or Azure Blob Storage object - as long as the link is accessible to the systems in question.

Once the script is located in an accessible location clicking on the Custom Script button on the application grid opens the Setup Custom Script dialog;

Once the appropriate details are entered the script can either be run immediately on the client machines or can be saved to the control grid to be run in the future. Custom scripts saved to the control grid will be shown in a separate group and can be clicked and launched on managed computers in the same way that applications are updated.

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