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Managing Faronics Antivirus


This document will describe the platforms available for customers to use for the management of the Faronics Anti-Virus product.

Cloud-Based Options

Deep Freeze Cloud currently provides customers with a cloud-based option to manage many Faronics products, including the Anti-Virus product.  Deep Freeze Cloud is a highly scalable web‑based management platform that provides administrators with the ability to manage systems from any location with a web browser. Deep Freeze Cloud can be used as a stand-alone product, or in conjunction with an on-premise version of Deep Freeze Enterprise through the Deep Freeze Cloud Connector.

In most cases the Deep Freeze Cloud provides a superior option for managing the Antivirus Protection on client machines as it is highly scalable and provides for a more flexible management platform for most customer workflows.

Details on the Deep Freeze Cloud platform can be found at the URL linked below:

On Premise Options.

Currently two options exist for customers who want to run Faronics Anti-Virus as an on-premise solution, the Faronics Core Console, and the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console.

Faronics Core Console

Faronics Core is a stand-alone management platform that is capable of providing a scalable management platform for a number of Faronics Products, including the Anti-Virus Package. The installation consists of one or more Core Servers with appropriate plugins installed to allow for the management of various Faronics products to be deployed.

Core Console is recommended for larger deployments (200+ systems) or in any situation where server-based operating systems need to be protected.

More details on Faronics Core can be found here:

Deep Freeze Enterprise Console

The Deep Freeze Enterprise console is a lightweight management console that originally supported Deep Freeze. As of version 7.7 the ability to optionally manage the Anti-Virus Product was added to the platform to assist customers with smaller deployments who may not have the infrastructure in place to support a dedicated server for managing Faronics products.

The Deep Freeze Enterprise Console is only suggested for smaller deployments where hosting a Faronics Core Console / Core Server instance is not a feasible option and a cloud-based solution cannot be used.

Details on the management of the Anti-Virus software though the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console is available in the Deep Freeze User guide linked below:

Note: Regardless of the management option selected, it is strongly recommended that customers do not attempt to use multiple platforms to manage the same workstation(s) as this can result in conflicting settings being applied to the client workstations.

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