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How to update the Energy Consumption Profile list in Faronics Power Save Report Generator

Each Mac is identified by model identifier such as iMac7,1 or Macmini3,1. When a new Mac is released, the current version of Faronics Power Save and Faronics Power Save Report Generator will not have the new model's identifier and as such will not apply a correct energy consumption profile to the reports. To update the ECP list with new model's identifier, follow the steps below:

Go to Faronics website and download the updated ECP list from the link below;

  1. Rename the file to "machineList.plist", if not already using that name.
  2. If you previously made changes to customize the Energy Consumption Profile list, you will have to redo the changes at the end of step 8.

On the computer where Faronics Power Save Report Generator is installed and run:

  1. Navigate to /Applications/Faronics and right click on Faronics Power Save Report to "Show Package Contents".Replace the "machineList.plist" in Contents/Resources with the one you downloaded.
  2. Run from /Applications/Utilities and modify the file permission of machineList.plist by executing the following in, entering the administrator's password when prompted:

    cd /Applications/Faronics/Faronics\ Power\ Save\ Report\

    sudo chown root:admin machineList.plist
  3. For each user on the computer, navigate to the user's home directory Preferences folder and delete the file "com.faronics.ReportGenerator.plist", and enter the administrator's password when prompted.
  4. If required, customize the ECP list

On each new workstation where Faronics Power Save is installed and run, do the following:

  1. Launch Power Ssave Mac System Preference pane, select on Reports tab
  2. Click on padlock icon to unlock and enter the Power Save Administrator's user name and password
  3. Select the appropriate Display Type for that computer
  4. Close Power Save Mac
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