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New Product Release - Faronics Lab Pro - Available Now!

We are pleased to announce the avaliability of a new product in the Faronics product lineup - Faronics LabPro. 

Faronics LabPro empowers lab managers to make better decisions. It automatically tracks usage data for labs, computers, applications, printers, and more. This easy-to-drive solution eliminates manual tracking headaches and inconsistent data. Now you can be confident your lab data accurately captures the ‘who, what, when and where’.

Making sense of your lab data has never been easier. The built-in report generator creates sharable reports that are easy to interpret. Proving which labs are busiest helps justify decisions on where to invest time and money. You can also stretch your budget further by optimizing existing resources. It’s easy to decide where to redistribute computers to promote even usage or remove unnecessary applications. Aligning resources with usage helps labs run more smoothly.

Managing a network of labs with many computers can be overwhelming. With the help of Workstation Maps, students can instantly spot available workstations in real-time. Managing lab reservations is simple with an online reservation system. Knowing which computers have problems or need upkeep is even easier with user generated Trouble Tickets.

More information on the product, and a trial version, can be found on our corporate site:

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