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How do I use the 'Create LDAP Connection' option within the Faronics Core Console?

The Faronics Core Console can be used to detect workstations which do not have the Faronics Core Agent installed and are marked as unmanaged.

If your management system and your clients are connected to a domain, the 'LDAP Connection' option can be used to allow the Faronics Core system to read LDAP information.

The following is a guide to ensure successful connectivity.

1) What information do I need to connect to an LDAP structure with the Faronics Core product?
-The name/IP address of a domain controller
-The name of the domain
-Login credentials on the domain which are associated with the 'Domain Administrator' group

If you are connecting to a domain controller by name, please ensure the name is able to resolve to the correct IP address of the target domain controller system.

2) Which information goes to which area?
Can I confirm the settings which should be used?
If you are logged onto a domain structure, results from system variables can be used.

Running a 'SET' command from a Windows Command Prompt will provide a list of variables.


LDAP Domain:

3) I'm certain I'm using correct settings?
Is there anyway I can verify this?

'Active Directory Explorer,' (a Microsoft utility) is a graphical utility which can be used.
Active Directory Explorer can provide information in plain text if incorrect credentials (and other settings) are used.

Active Directory Explorer is much more lenient with connection settings: You can connect to either a Domain Controller or the Domain.

4) The LDAP Import is taking a long time and I can't seem to browse my LDAP area.
Is there anyway to have the Faronics Core Console go to a direct area on my LDAP structure?

Although the 'ADsPath' cannot be modified within the LDAP connection (and there are some preset configurations), a portion of the 'Path' (before the reference to the server/connection) can be copied and then used.

If the path of an area is: 'CN=Computers,DC=DomainName,DomainName [SERVER.DOMAIN]' and you'd like to go to the 'Computers' group, copy 'CN=Computers' and place that in the 'Optional' field of the 'Add New LDAP Connection' area.

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