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When installing the Core Server in Express Setup mode the installation fails.

The Express Setup mode of the Core Console installer installs both Core Console and a SQL Express instance as part of the install process. In some cases, the SQL installation can fail and not provide a specific error as to why the installation has failed. 

This will commonly occur when installing on newer versions of Windows Server that do not support installing SQL 2008 as a supported application.

Other situations that can cause this include; 

  • Installing Core Console on a domain controller can result in a failed install. Microsoft does not recommend the installation of SQL on a Domain Controller this will cause the SQL installation to generate a warning and fail. 
  • Installing Core Console on a system that does not have PowerShell installed will result in the SQL install failing as Power Shell is a requirement of SQL 2008 R2, and if not installed the SQL installation will fail. This will only occur on systems where PowerShell is not included as part of the original operating system install. 

Faronics recommends that users ensure that PowerShell is installed and that the server being used for the Core Console is not configured as a Domain Controller. If the Domain Controller must be used the user can install Core by downloading and installing a supported version of SQL Server on their device prior to installing Faronics Core. 

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