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Deep Freeze 8.71 - activation of older client devices.


Customers who update to the latest release of the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console (8.71) are unable to perform product activations for copies of Deep Freeze 8.63 and prior.


During the upgrade process to Deep Freeze 8.71, an updated license key may be required to install the console and administrative tools. If this key differs from the one that is currently in place on the client devices the Console will automatically update the key with the newer one provided during the installation of 8.71. This in turn will require that the client devices be re-activated with the updated key.

Currently, an issue exists in the Deep Freeze 8.71 console that prevents the console from seeing the activation status of clients running Deep Freeze 8.63 and earlier. This can result in the 8.71 console being unable to activate the older releases of Deep Freeze.


This issue can be addressed as follows;

Option 1

Client devices will automatically activate directly with the Faronics Activation Servers if they are not activated through the console, most machines will within 24 to 48 hours activate on their own and report a corrected activation state back to the Enterprise Console. This workaround requires no action from the customer and only requires the client devices to directly access Faronics services to perform an activation task.

Option 2

Client devices running older versions of Deep Freeze can also be updated to the 8.71 release and then subsequently activated through the enterprise console without issue.

Option 3

If the license key in the Deep Freeze Console is already valid for the 8.71 release and applied to the 8.63 clients the activation process will not require a change in the license key. It will not require re-activation after upgrading as such customers can work around this issue by updating the license key in the 8.63 console and allowing the client devices to be re-activated with the updated key prior to the upgrade to 8.71.

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