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What are the best practices for securing a workstation with Deep Freeze?

Faronics recommends a few configuration steps to ensure that workstations can be fully protected by Deep Freeze including:

  • Removing any restore points from the operating system prior to installing Deep Freeze.
  • Configuring the workstation to only boot from the primary hard disk in the BIOS.
  • Protecting the BIOS/CMOS settings with a Password.
  • Not providing users with administrative access to the computer unless absolutely required.
  • Disable any option in the BIOS that allows the users to choose their boot device.

Additionally, any passwords that are set should be kept complex enough to prevent users from guessing them.

For customers running the Enterprise version of Deep Freeze, the same values should not be used for both the password and the customization code, and the customization code should be documented in a manner that will prevent it from falling into the hands of those who should not have full control of the product.

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