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How do I determine if a given product is installed on a workstation through Faronics Core?

To find workstations reporting to Faronics Core that do not have a specific product installed a user defined filter will need to be created.

  1. Right click on your user defined group and select Add/Edit Dynamic Filter.
  2. In the Dynamic Filter dialog box click on Add.
  3. In the rule editor dialog give this rule a unique name and click Add to add a criteria to the filter.
  4. In the Clause Editor dialog select the Colum that you are going to sort on in the Column drop down box, for our example Version [DFE] and the option does not match in the Comparison drop down box. Enter a single "." in the value field without the quotes and click OK.
  5. To apply this rule to the group ensure that it is checked, and click OK.
  6. When viewing the user defined group any workstaiton that does not have Deep Freeze installed will now be displayed.

This process can be used for any Faronics product that reports it's version number to Faronics Core, but will only show workstations that have a copy of the Faronics Core Agent installed.

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