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Faronics Products & Core Isolation


Core Isolation is a feature of Windows 10 and Windows 11 that separates portions of the operating system in a way to provide protection against malicious software attacks. Core Isolation has specific requirements that drivers installed on the client operating system must adhere to and at this time several Faronics Products do not fully implement the requirements to allow Core Isolation to work with our software.

When this issue occurs customers will either see one of two behaviors;

If Core Isolation is enabled prior to the installation of the Faronics product the client system will likely fail to boot, getting stuck at a black screen during the boot attempt.

If Customers attempt to turn Core Isolation on after the installation of the Faronics product the operating system will refuse to do so indicating a problem with the DeepFrz.sys or FarSpace.sys drivers installed on the client device as shown below.

Impacted Products

At this time the following Faronics products are impacted by this issue;

  • Deep Freeze Enterprise / Standard
  • Faronics Antivirus
  • Faronics Power Save
  • Faronics WINSelect
  • Deep Freeze Cloud (All Services)

Workaround / Resolution

At this time there is no workaround to allow Core Isolation or Memory Integrity to be enabled on systems running impacted Faronics Products.

Customers who wish to run the impacted products will need to ensure that Core Isolation is disabled prior to installation.

Faronics is working on updates to our products to address this issue. For further information and to be updated as information becomes available please contact the support team to open a support ticket regarding this issue.

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