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Compatibility of Deep Freeze with nComputing environments.



This document describes Deep Freeze compatibility issues in nComputing environments.


Problem Description


On some models of nComputing devices, Faronics Products such as Deep Freeze may not be able to mount ThawSpaces or StorageSpaces when the VSpace is installed. ThawSpaces and StorageSpaces are used as containers to hold data across multiple reboots when Deep Freeze is enabled. This issue can show as a number of installation errors or problems with data being lost after reboots.


This issue affects all Faronics Products that are used in conjunction with Deep Freeze, as well as affects the ability of Deep Freeze to cache Windows Updates on a frozen machine for future installation.




In order to successfully install Faronics products on a machine that will be running the nComputing VSpace software it is recommended that the VSpace software be removed from the machine temporarily while Faronics Products are being installed.

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