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What applications and hardware are compatible with Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze is compatible with nearly all hardware and software available on the market today. The product is tested extensively to ensure that no issues are found during day-to-day use. A list of known hardware and software issues is listed below. If you have issues that you suspect may be related to hardware/software incompatibilities not listed below, please contact Faronics Technical Support for further assistance.

Card readers

Some USB card readers appear to the operating system as hard disk drives. In some cases, these card readers can cause issues once Deep Freeze is installed. You can use any of the following workarounds:

Replace the drivers used by the card reader with standard Windows drivers. This may remove any special features found in the card reader.

  • Ensure that media is not present in the card reader when Deep Freeze is installed.
  • Disconnect the card reader when Deep Freeze is being installed.

Roxio EZ-CD Creator

Some versions of Roxio’s EZ-CD Creator might remove entries from the registry that are required for the proper operation of Deep Freeze. If you encounter problems running Deep Freeze on a computer that has Roxio installed, check the following registry key:

Keyname: UpperFilters
Value: PartMgr

Editing the system registry in this area can be hazardous. If you have concerns about editing the system registry, please contact the Faronics Technical Support team for assistance.

If the above value is not listed in the registry, problems might occur when installing Deep Freeze. If values other than PartMgr are listed, they should not be removed. Removing the value in the registry can result in problems with the workstation that may not be recoverable. If you have any concerns about editing the registry, please contact Faronics Technical Support for assistance.

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